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T1- Walkie Talkie and GSM Telephone with Tri SIM - 2.4’LCD

T1- Walkie Talkie and GSM Telephone
They are mobile phones with three sim cards, and they are Walkie talkie for free calls.
* The Louder Speaker Box is equipped with USB charging function. When using the speaker, you can charge it with the charger at the same time.
* Quick to set up the team, all the staff open the intercom function,tune to the same intercom channel, open the intercom, speak freely.
* Built-in more than 10 intercom channels, each intercom channel can form a team, you can also set up more than one intercom team,strong privacy, mutual influence. ,
* Super large capacity battery,3800mAh for long standby.
* T1 walkie talkie suitable for two-way communication from different locations.
* It also houses an inbuilt wireless FM Radio for providing entertainment apart from communication. you also get entertained.
* In terms of frequency, it comes with UHF frequency range of 400-470MHz, and VHF frequency range of 136- 1 74MHz., This gives it the ability to be used in a densely populated area as well as in the wild where there is little or no obstruction to the radio waves.
* Comes in black/Blue color with along with handy display and some buttons on the surface for controlling the device.
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        * BAND: GSM 900/1 800
        * PTT(Hardware): Support analog U-talk(Support V-bandintercom matching) (400-470 MHz)rang 2-5km
        * MEMORY: 64MB RAM 64MB ROM
        * BATTERY: 3800mAh battery
        * Ear-jack: 3.5mm Stereo
        * SIM: TRI SIM TRI stand-by
        * DIMENSIONS: 1788x56.2x1 6.7mm
        * Special features: Walkie Talkie Phone ; Super Torchlight ;Bluetooth; Wireless FM.
        * DISPLAY: 2.4" QVGA, 61.2mm 240x320 pixels
        * Weight: 82.2g,154.5g with battery, 187g with battery & Back Clip, Back Clip:32.5g
        * CAMERA: 2 MP rear camera
Broadest frequency and longest distance

         T1 boasts extremely broad frequency of 400-470MHz, super high ceiversensitivity of -120 dbm and long communication distance of 5-10km. The digital intercom rugged phone T1 is always useful no matter in the forest, snowberg, desert or grassland.
Discover the Meaning of Travel

         Simple design, 3800mAh for long standby time, location and Wireless FM radio, start journey with the accompany of  T1 Walkie Talkie

Large Volume Battery

         High density and large capacity battery, combined with the new generation green instant on and long-last battery,makes sure you can play the phone all the day.

National intercom  is enough

         Intercom, Strong signal, long distance,no traffic.  More than 10 intercom channels are built-in,each intercom channel can form a team, you can also set up more than one intercom team, strong privacy, mutual influence all guaranteed.

Super Torchlight

         The T1 flashlight is long lasting. Save energy and gives you the right amount of light to fit the situation.

Using Scene for Walkie-Talkie Phones:
1. Free call within 2-3 Km Range,in any surroundings of all countries;
2. Home-use: Free call between Mr. and Mrs. when one stays inside the house while the other stays in the yard, or one is upstairs while the other is downstairs. They can make remote calling using SIM card inside when in far distance;
3. Shop-use: Boss with this interphone can keep free calling with his employees and brothers in short distance, he is working in warehouses or is on the way to deliver goods to customers. They can make remote calling using SIM card inside when in far distance;
4. In many rural areas and village where no telecom signal or weak signal, family members can use this new interphones to call each other, and calling is free, so it is very cool.
5. For people in big city who have a limited budget, as the most economical way to keep in touch with friends and family members around, the Intercom Phone is made for them because the call is free.
6. Industry applications: Ideal free communication device in many jobs and situations including Airports, Train stations, Mining areas, Banks, company security, Warehouse managers and other group users etc., Everyone hears each other in the same time.

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