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Laser Machines

       DAFU Global, a professional laser processing equipment supplier, one-stop service for laser cutting machines, laser welding machines, laser marking and laser cleaning equipment.
        We have a variety of laser light sources such as ultraviolet, infrared, green light nanosecond, picosecond, femtosecond, etc., and various optical platforms such as collimating and focusing systems and galvanometer focusing systems. The main products include metal plate cutting machine, metal tube sheet cutting machine, metal laser welding machine, laser cleaning machine, FPC/PCB laser cutting machine, Fiber/Ultraviolet/CO2 laser marking machine, UV ultraviolet laser cutting machine, green light picosecond Cutting machines, laser drilling machines, ceramic laser cutting machines, glass cutting machines, metal thin film laser etching machines, 5 types of industrial laser equipment with more than 20 models. Sold all over the world.
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