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Digital MIG Series 100-500 Welding Machines

Digital MIG Welding Machines:
● MIG100/120/160/200/250 LCD/250Y/315Y/350/500
● New industrial grade design with plastic panel
● Double Module IGBT full bridge invert technology
● DSP Full digital control with synergic adjusting function friendly interface, easy to use, favorale man-machine conversation
● Can preset welding current and welding voltage
● 100% duty cycle ,output cable can be lengthened 50M,automatic compensating function
● Welding arc stable, Little splash, deep weld pool, and beautiful welding seam
● Independent ventilation design,comprehensive protection: anti-dust, anti-moisture, anti-corrosion
● Over-heating /current, over-voltage and under-voltage protection
● Separated digital wire feeder to show all the parameters , more convenient to operate by welder
● New trolley design, free combination
Application range:
● Structural Fabrication
● Construction
● Can be used for hardware, fence, windows, metal sheet welding
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