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HOWO 6X4 10 wheels Tractors

Howo 6X4 Tractors
* Drive form: 6x4,10 Wheels,3 Axles
* Horsepower: 290HP/336HP/371HP/420HP
* Transmission: HW19710, 10F & 2R
* Drive axle: HC16, 2x16000 KGS
* Color:Red,White,Blue,Green,Yellow,Gold
* Professional service, low price
* Strong power, advanced technology
* Stable and reliable quality, good performance
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Chassis model

ZZ4257N3241, ZZ4257V3241

Drive form

6X4,10 Wheels,3 Axles


HW76—HOWO lengthened cab. The basic configuration is single sleeper; new seats; up and down, front and rear adjustable steering wheel; European new type overall heater; German VDO instrument synchronized with world high-end heavy trucks; four-point full-floating suspension for road vehicles ( Front coil spring, rear air spring) + damping device, off-road vehicles are four-point full-floating spring suspension + damping device, each type of cab is equipped with lateral stabilization device, double-locking structure seat belt; external Sunshade; the fourth-generation air conditioner, the air-conditioning control panel is a liquid crystal display with LED lighting; cruise; generator voltage abnormal sound warning system (to prevent damage to electronic devices); electric doors and windows.
HW79--HOWO high roof cab. The basic configuration is double sleeper. The outside of the tractor is equipped with side wind deflectors that can effectively reduce the wind resistance on both sides of the vehicle. Others are the same as HW76.
HW70--HOWO standard cab. The basic configuration is no sleeper, and the others are the same as HW76.


Manufacturer: Sinotruk
Four-stroke direct injection diesel engine
Engine model: WD615.47, 371 HP; WD615.87,290HP; WD615.69,336HP; D12.42-20,420HP;
Emission standard: Euro 2
In-line six-cylinder water-cooled turbocharged inter-cooled 
Displacement: 9.726 L 


HW19710, 10F & 2R 

steering system

ZF power steering model ZF8118, power assisted hydraulic steering

Front bridge

HF9, 1x9000 KGS 

Double section beam steering

Rear axle

HC16, 2x16000 KGS  
finale shell, central single reduction and hub reduction, and differential lock between the wheels and axles.
Speed ratio: 4.42


Frame: a section of 300x80x8mm parallel ladder frame and sub-frame cross beam steel bar cold riveting
Front suspension: 10 semi-elliptical leaf springs, hydraulic telescopic double-acting shock absorbers and stabilizers
Rear suspension: 12-blade semi-elliptical spring, bogie spring and stabilizer

Braking System

Brake: dual circuit pneumatic brake
Parking brake (emergency brake): spring energy, compressed air works on the front axle and rear wheels.
Auxiliary brake: engine exhaust brake

Power Systems

Working voltage: 24 volts, negative ground
starter: 24 volts, 5.4 kilowatts
Generator: Three-phase, 28 V, 1500 W
battery: 2×12V, 165AH
Cigarette lighter, horn, headlight, fog light, brake light, indicator light and reversing light


12.00R20 (. 11) ,  with a spare tire





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