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18L 90W Evaporative Air Cooler Fan for home

Main features for 18L 90W Evaporative Air Cooler Fan:
* Water Tank:18L;
* Power:90W
* Cooling ,humidification and purification function, a multi-purpose machine.
* The wind in by 4 sides, make cooling effect more obvious.
* Multi-function control panel, LED display, intelligent remote control.
* Anion function,purify air.
* Centrifugal motor, large wind, low noise.
* Natural wind,sleep wind,standardwind for choose.
* The water tank can be separated from the machine, easy to clean.
* Shades up and down Manualy; Automatically left and right.
* Three speed wind for choose.
* Can add ice in the top location,more cooling.
* Water shortage protection &warning
* Anti-scale pump for long life use, low water alarm
* The front wheel with brake lock
* Pure cooper wire and motor, when temperature very high then the motor stop work
* Overall dimension:335*340*840mm;
* Carton dimension:390*385*865mm
* Container load (20ft/40ft HQ):230/535PCS
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  Carton dimension  390*385*865mm
  Container load (20’/40’HQ) 230/535PCS
  Air volume 980m³/h
  Area coverage  20-25㎡
  Power  90 W
  Water tank capacity  18 Liter
  Water evaporation rate 1.5 L/h
  Timg 1-7H
  Fan speed 3
  Vent size  210*150mm
  Cooling pad grade  5090
  No. of Cooling pad  4-sides
  Overall dimension   335*340*840mm
  Net weight  7.5 kg.
  Operating weight 9.5 kg.
  Anion  YES
  Touch panel  YES
  Remote control  YES

      An evaporative air cooler is a different creature from a traditional desk fan or floor standing fan blowing out re-circulated warm air - instead, these devices reduce room temperature by blowing out cool air through water-soaked pads.

      They are considerably cheaper to operate than air conditioners and just need to be plugged into the mains for cool refreshing air- whereas an air con unit needs an attached vent hose to extract and expel heat.

      A standard evaporative air cooler differs from an air conditioner in several ways, including the fact it doesn't need a vent hose to be connected to it for enabling warm air to be dispersed out of a window or suitable opening in a room. This means portable evaporative coolers can even be used in rooms which don't have windows.

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